Time to meet Team Acorn! One by one……

This is Lynda.


Lynda is the President of Association Acorn (and so we all must curtsy accordingly upon greeting).

Lynda and husband, Trevor (Secretary and Treasurer) formed Acorn in 2016 but between them have fostered and re-homed over 700 animals since moving to France in 2007 which includes 50 since the formation of Association Acorn.

Lynda’s activities are by role, administerial, but equally, very much hands on. At the time of writing, Lynda has 17 cats and kittens in foster care at her home, Acorn HQ. Some of these are so tiny, they need bottle feeding day and night.

Lynda is a very busy lady!

Lynda says that she does this work because firstly, she loves it and secondly, she says somebody must do something about the homeless and abandoned kittens in the Dordogne and it might as well be her!

And finally, Lynda’s guilty pleasure is Robbie Williams. She says yes, she KNOWS she’s old enough to be his mother!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carole says:

    ……and what a sterling job you both do, well done.
    But, I think Robbie Williams is only getting a mention because George Clooney currently has his hands full! 😹 Keep up the good work.😻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. acorncat says:

      I feel really awful about forgetting George. Thank you Carole


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