How to re-home your pet in France

Before re-homing your pet in France, please consider that France has an unusually large number of homeless animals. It is not easy to find good homes for them all so please take this advice letter for letter and make sure you carry out all of the steps in order to maximise the chances of finding your pet a good home. This document is written to help find your pet a home within the English-speaking community in France.
Step 1 Create Your Advertising Text
The text you write must be honest but appealing. If your pet has issues, make sure you mention them, even briefly. Please ask us at Acorn for advice with the text, or any other aspects of this document, should you need it. Remember, you want the very best home for your pet as you don’t want he or she to end up on the streets or in a refuge because the adoption doesn’t work out.
Remember to state the basics – what sex your pet is and whether he / she is micro-chipped, vaccinated and sterilised.
State the weight and / or size of your pet.
State how sociable your pet is with other animals, people and children. It is worth mentioning if they have any exposure to equines and farm animals.
For dogs, state how well trained they are and what commands they understand and obey. For cats, state if they are litter-trained.
Make sure you state why the animal is being re-homed. This is crucial as people may otherwise be either critical or suspicious. You don’t have to go into personal details, but please explain as much as possible.
Make sure you tell people all the great things about your pet! Include all the anecdotes, their favourite things, and how and while they make you smile.
Tell people where your pet is.
Step 2 Take Images – a picture paints a thousand words
This is never truer than when trying to re-home an animal. You MUST include photographs in order to show your pet off to his or her best. If you don’t supply photos, people are likely to move onto the next advert.
Use or borrow a high quality camera (this will give you a much better result than from a smart phone or tablet) and take both profile and facial photos, remembering that the eyes are the windows to the soul.
Take the photos outside in good light if possible and include, where possible, photos of your pet with other animals and with people, not only to show that they are sociable but also to give people a visual idea of their size.
Take the full body photos from the same height level as the animal so that people can see the full shape of the body, not from directly above.
Step 3 Get Advertising!
Place your re-homing advert as far and wide as possible.
Print out paper copies and place in local shops, your vets and any other establishments you can think of. Take copies of your advert out with you and place at local clubs and society meetings.
If you are not computer-savvy, then find a friend who is! There is a plethora of online forums and Facebook groups you can use. All you need is the Google search engine and a bit of determination and you will find them.
Here are some online groups that are local to Acorn in south west France. This list is not by any means complete so please use your initiative and find your own local to you.
Doglinks help to find foster and permanent homes for dogs in need in France. They are worth contacting immediately if you need to re-home a dog.
Facebook Groups: Search for those near you! Here are some examples.
· LAARF Adoptez-moi – France-wide re-homing group.
· Pets Etc Poitou-Charentes
· Hope Association – based in Poitou Charentes.
· Paws France – nationwide
· English Services Dordogne – regional and there are also Limousin, Charente, Brittany & Normandy and Midi-Pyrenees sites.
· Survive France – find your sub-group according to where you are in France.
· French Focus Friends – nationwide
· Angloinfo – regionalised
· Classified Ads France – nationwide And then search for your regionalised English-speaking expat Facebook groups, of which there are dozens.
Other Online Groups: Please note, these are just examples! Use Google to find groups near you!
· Dronne Valley Network (English speaking group along the Dronne River Valley, south west France) – please note, they also have a Facebook page.
· South West Charente Network (English speaking group) Email Lesley Mason to join.
· AngloINFO Choose your region, and post an ad in Classifieds – Pets & Animals – Adoptions & Re-homing – please note, you MUST enter a chip or tattoo number to use this site.
· French Entree Go to the forum page. Join the forum and then choose your region.
· Complete France forum join the forum and then choose your region.
· Hobos in France – join the forum and go to the Pets Rehoming section.
· RootstockAds – a free classified advertising site France-wide. Place a free classified in the Pets & Animals section.
· Group 47 – is a forum for people in Lot et Garonne. Join the forum and place an advert in the Animals Seeking Good Homes section.
· Eymet Guide – for people in and around Eymet. Place an advert in the Classifieds section.
· Guide2 The World – scroll down this home page to find regionalized Guide 2 sites. Place your ads in the classified sections of the regionalized groups. For example, there are Guide 2 groups for Midi-Pyrenees, Rhone-Alpes and Paris and other groups under construction (Dordogne, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Toulouse).
· Survive France Network – join this group and then their sub groups regarding dogs and cats, and place your adverts by creating a new comment.
· English Informer in France – please contact the editor via the Contact Us button at the bottom of their page. There is also a link to their Facebook page. Don’t give up! Repeat and repeat the adverts until you are sure that your pet has found the very best home.