After receiving some additional funds from SWAT at the very beginning of this year we wasted no time in purchasing an Intensive Care Unit for the treatment of ACORN cats and kittens with respiratory problems.  This has proved to be a wise decision as today we are using it for the first time.

Little Lulu has been diagnosed with Coryza and is receiving treatment with the extra advantage of us being able to use the Nebuliser unit to help her breathing.

Previously we have had to have cats hospitalised to receive this same treatment which is given three times a day.

Even after two sessions Lulu seems to be responding and looking better.

So thank you SWAT and everyone that supports them.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Angie says:

    Bless her, could do with some of them for Covid ! Xxx


    1. lyndaatkins54 says:

      I am pleased to say she has fully recovered, this certainly helped her breathing


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