The Kitten Season Has Started

Three kittens were born yesterday at ACORN HQ.

Fifi the mum is a stray that was caught a little while ago, she was obviously pregnant. Fifi will rear her kittens, be sterilised and then will go back to where she lived before, to continue being fed and looked after by the kind lady who caught her.

Fifi has never been close enough to humans in the past to be stroked but in the time she has been with us she has learnt we are actually quite nice and now enjoys being stroked.

Its difficult to make out her kittens but there is a black and white one, a black one in the middle and another black and white one all happily feeding. All the kittens are a good size and look healthy.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan Long says:

    We have one of your kittens! She is adorable, full of love and loves her cuddles. She is a Calico, white, ginger, and black! Love her to bits!


    1. lyndaatkins54 says:

      Thats great to hear Joan, thank you so much for adopting her through us.


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