PIKACHU (m) – born in April 2018

Team Acorn were at the vets one day and while they were there, they came across Pikachu and brother, Muschu, and decided “in for a penny, in for a pound” and let’s save them too!

Pikachu is very funny, curious and more adventurous. He likes climbing (watch out curtains!!) and is a very good footballer. Ping-pong balls are his specialty. He also loves cuddles butsometimes he just doesn’t have the time for it!

Pikachu’s foster mum says she has been trying to teach him some manners. He already knows a cup of tea and an iron are very hot, that the TV isn’t something you should jump on, that it’s not funny if you bump into a glass window, you can’t eat plants, etc. and those curtains.. well, they’re just so hard to resist.. !

Pikachu is fully vaccinated, chipped, de-parasited and sterilised.

Contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or associationacorn@gmail.com

Pikachu (m), né en avril 2018

Pikachu, avec son frère Muschu, ont été recueillis chez le vétérinaire.

Pikachu est très amusant, curieux et aventureux. Il adore grimper (attention aux rideaux !) et est un footballeur accompli, sa spécialité étant les balles de ping pong. Il aime aussi beaucoup les câlins, mais parfois il a trop à faire pour s’attarder dans vos bras.

Pikachu a reçu vaccination et puce électronique. Il est stérilisé. 

Contact Lynda au 05 53 81 30 44 ou associationacorn@gmail.com