NOËL (m) born October 2018

This darling little Christmas surprise came to us quite unexpectedly.

Caroline, one of our carers was at a routine vet visit and as sometimes can happen, she came back with an extra, Noël!

Noël had been brought to the vets to be euthanised and he had gunky eyes, was very weak and severely underweight. Caroline says:

“After a couple of days when it seemed odd he still wasn’t moving much I found a wound under the fluffy fur on his tail. After an x-ray it was clear he had had an injury of some kind. Probably caught in a door. Luckily not broken and at worst he will have a small kink which won’t be at all obvious. Now on pain relief he is doing great and has put on over 200g in just a week. He is gaining confidence and is a sweet, affectionate ball of fluff.”

Noël is in 24320 La Chapelle Montabourlet and will be vaccinated and microchipped on adoption. His adopter will be expected to continue with his vaccinations and to have him sterilised when he is old enough. Contact Caroline on 06 77 22 65 90 or