It will soon be kitten time.

Do you want to apply to join the Acorn Cat Rescue kitten waiting list?

Already we are beginning to see on social media that kittens are being born in France.
Every life matters and we do the best we can with the resources that we have to save the lucky few who come to Acorn.
We will be looking for caring, responsible homes for our cats and kittens; people who will commit to them for the rest of their lives and ensure that they continue responsibility for neutering, vaccinating, feeding and loving them. We’re quite used to requests for kittens of certain colours, so long as you can provide a good home, if you want a ginger, white, or black, that’s fine with us!
We keep a waiting list of requests for kittens. That way, as soon as they are 10 weeks old and have had their first vaccination and microchip, they can be re-homed and we will have a space for the next needy one.
If you would like to go onto the waiting list, please contact Lynda on or on 05 53 81 30 44.
Please also follow us on Facebook: Acorn Cat Rescue
Thank you for helping us.

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