3OO and Counting

Lili-ann was adopted yesterday and she is the 113th kitten to be adopted from Acorn this year, and probably the last one of this year unless a miracle happens today (we’re open to that, by the way!).

She is also the 300th kitten to be adopted from Acorn since we began in early summer 2016.

That’s a lot of lives saved.

Until the attitude to sterilisation and animal welfare improves for the better in France, it feels like things are getting worse and worse. This year was our most challenging year and we received several calls for help on a daily basis during kitten season, most of which we could not do anything about.

So thank you for continuing to support us and spread the word. It’s thanks to you that we have managed to do so much this year. But most importantly, please keep banging the drum about sterilisation until things change.

A happy 2020 to you all.

Thank you.

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