Tootsie and Bandit

BANDIT (Black & White m) and TOOTSIE (tabby & white f) – with Acorn Cat Rescue.

10 and 11 month old Tootsie and Bandit are still babies. They have recently moved into a brand new foster home and are loving being out of the pen and into a real garden! Their true characters have emerged and they are proving even more delightful!

This pair can be adopted together or separately. They both get on very well with each other, with other cats and with humans.

Bandit is the perfect combination of traits.  He’s a super-ninja, quick as a whip and a great hunter; he loves to be out exploring with the lads! Once he’s done though (or when he gets a bit tired and hungry!), the bravado ends and he comes back in. He loves to cuddle in your arms, or in the arms of another cat. He loves the security of this which makes him very endearing.

Fun facts about Bandit:

– he loves to suck your jumper – don’t wear your best cashmere when Bandit’s about!

– he loves water! Mind your drinks – Earl Grey, sparkling water, camomile tea, he’s absolutely not fussy!

– he loves a chat!

Tootsie was hand-reared by us at Acorn and as a result, humans are her people and she just wants to be with you, doing whatever you are doing, when you are doing it. She’s not a pest or “in your face” but you can guarantee, if you are working at your desk, she’ll be on the nearest windowsill; if you are chopping vegetables, she’ll be supervising you somewhere nearby. She loves to go outside but will never go far.

Tootsie is always happy and is very at ease with everyone, including visitors. Tootsie would be perfect for a person or couple on their own with a bit of ground and wanting a quiet, cuddly but not over demanding pet. She gets on well with other cats but would be equally happy without playmates, as long as she has her human/s.

Fun facts about Tootsie:

– she likes nose-to-nose kisses!

– she loves to day-dream whilst lying in the grass, watching pollen specks or butterflies.

– she also loves a chat!

Tootsie and Bandit are in 24140 St Martin des Combes and are fully vaccinated, chipped, de-parasited and sterilised.

Contact Sandrine:

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