Big brother and shy little sister need a home.

AVA (f) and ALFIE (m)

Alfie and Ava were yet another couple of summer’s unwanted kittens. Well, that was until they came to Acorn, where they are now very much loved.

Alfie is a big, handsome boy who is a little timid at first but soon warms up with a good toy or a treat! He loves a tummy tickle! His foster carer has also discovered that’s he’s a rather good mouser!

Ava was a little more traumatised by her sad start in life and is quite shy. Having said that, she is starting to come out of her shell and loves to play with the toys now. She loves her food too and that is certainly one way to win her over.

She has made great progress with Caroline, her Carer and recently plucked up the courage to jump onto Caroline’s bed with Alfie!

We think a calm, quiet home with an older family of her own would be ideal as we don’t think she would do well in a lively home with children.

Alfie and Ava can be adopted separately or together. More photos of them can be found on the pinned post.

Alfie and Ava are chipped, de-parasited, neutered and vaccinated. They are near 24320 La Tour Blanche. Please contact Caroline on or 06 77 22 65 90

ALFIE (m) – né en mai 2017

Alfie et sa sœur, Ava, était deux des abandonnés de l’été.

Le bel Alfie est un grand chat un peu timide, mais il oublie ça bien vite avec une petite friandise ou un petit jouet ! Et il adore qu’on lui gratouille le ventre!

Alfie est pucé, déparasité, stérilisé et vacciné. Contact: Caroline au ou

Alfie se trouve près de La Tour Blanche, 24320.

AVA (f) – née en mai 2017

Ava et son frère Alfie était deux des abandonnés de l’été.

La pauvre Ava a été un peu traumatisée par ses débuts difficiles comme chat sans domicile et est un peu timide.

Elle aurait besoin d’un adoptant patient qui la laisserait s’adapter à ses nouvelles conditions de vie à son rythme.

Ava est pucée, déparasitée, vaccinée et stérilisée. Contact: Caroline via ou au 06 77 22 65 90.


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