The incredible transformation of GINNIE.

Sometimes a kitten comes into Acorn Cat Rescue and we really worry because even though their siblings peacefully thrive, certain individuals never recover from whatever trauma has happened to them and our fear is that they remain unadoptable.

Ginnie came to us as a tiny kitten last summer and was terrified. If we tried to approach her her ears would flatten and she would hiss and try and hide. Although she got a little used to us, she’d make a run for it whenever our cat cuddlers or photographer came round. This wasn’t good news.

In stepped Carina; Carina is our newest Foster Carer who joined in December and took Ginnie under her wing. Well, we don’t know if it’s special powers or just a great deal of love and patience but Ginnie has made a massive u-turn.

We’re amazed to see these photos of her looking calm and happy.

Carina says that Ginnie is very quiet before she gets to know you and then becomes REALLY affectionate. She says she will be a lovely lap cat (who’d have thought it?!) as she loves cuddles. She’s great with other cats too and would possibly be ok with a quiet dog.

If you have a special place in your home and heart we’d love you to adopt Ginnie. Please contact Carina on 06 17 30 14 00 or on


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