Meet Tuppence – virtual kisses required to help him!

Tuppence was brought to our attention when he was found in a garden seeking food. He is part of a litter from a stray cat and all his sibling were twice his size. Little Tuppence was not at all well so he was easily able to be caught.

He arrived at Acorn on 3rd August looking rather worse for wear. On assessment, we were concerned he was significantly underweight at only 481g and realised that he had succumbed to cat flu, not to mention a bout of fleas! Immediately the vet treated him for his aliments and we de-fleaed him and fed him some of our some good quality, nourishing food and recovery-aiding vitamins.

With continued loving care and support we have every confidence that Tuppence will not only survive but will flourish enough that he will be be ready for adoption to his furrever home.

There will be regular updates on his progress posted here and on the webpage so that all Acorn supporters can follow his story.

Please send any virtual kisses his way by comment below and we’ll be sure to pass them on in person! And of course, if you are interested in reserving him, please contact us on 05 53 81 30 44 or the link below or at

Acorn Cat Rescue Acorn wishes to thank everybody who sent their love and kisses to Tuppence, as you all can clearly see your fantastic response really assisted the little chap on his way to recovery.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gill Watson says:

    Oodles of love and kisses for Tuppence. May his recovery be speedy.
    Same for all the animals, may their lives be happy.
    Register interest in Tuppence. Xx


    1. acorncat says:

      Thank you for your oodles of love and kisses for Tuppence, it has certainly helped with his recovery. He is now fighting fit playful and has admirers wanting to adopt him. We knew the support from all cat lovers would pull him through!!


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