100 UP for Association Acorn


Well we have done it! The first Century for Acorn, after 15 months of dedication and hard work, tearful at times, we have our 100th little Acorn within Association Acorn care.

Annabel (who has the knack of finding kittens in the most obscure places) has the honour of being the foster carer who has little Alfie under her wing. We could not wish for a better foster carer to help him during his first days within Acorn.

Of the 100 taken in by Acorn, 69 have already been successfully adopted into their forever homes with many families regularly sending us updates of their progress which we are delighted to publish on facebook and our website for all our supporters to be encouraged by the results of what we are all doing.

Our sincere thanks also goes to the network of dedicated Acorn volunteers behind the scenes, foster carers and fundraisers alike. Especially Jane who with her brilliant photography skills and promotional capabilities works tirelessly to ensure the continued success of Association Acorn, giving hope of life and happiness to vulnerable, neglected and abandoned cats and kittens.

Here’s to the next 100.

Passionate about Cats


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