Continual Bring & Buy Yard Sale, 87440 Marval


We would like to sincerely thank Kay and Tanya who have taken up a new initiative to raise funds for our cats and kittens at Acorn.

Kay and Tanya have erected a permanent gazebo where you are encouraged to bring and buy items such as plants, bric-a-brac, clothes etc.

As this is a brand new initiative, please note, the stocks at the moment are low, but the idea is that this is a rolling initiative that will grow!

Unless you are bringing a heavy load, there is no need to let them know in advance of your visit, but if you do wish to contact Kay and Tanya, and for the address, the details are:

Kandys Farm
2, La Souchère, 87440, Marval.
0555 786358

Please note:

– YES PLEASE to clean, quality items that you would buy yourself.
– NO thank you to electronic items.
– NO dumping.
– NO visitors after 4pm.


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