Acorn Cat Rescue


There is no such thing as a “free cat” or “free kitten” – at least, not if you are a responsible adopter.

We at Acorn Cat Rescue ensure that all of our cats are sterilised (where age-appropriate) microchipped, vaccinated and de-parasited prior to adoption. Thanks to our excellent relationship with our vets, we are able to do this at reduced rates so that we can make our adoption fees as affordable as possible. Adoption fees almost never meet our true costs but that’s why we make up the rest by fundraising which is vitally important for us.

For a fully treated cat, such as Ebony and Bessie, currently waiting for homes, our adoption fees are 115 euros per cat. Were you to go directly to your vet for the same treatments, it would cost you a whole lot more.

By adopting through a responsible rescue Association, such as ourselves, you have saved money and most importantly, the cat is all set for a bright future with no unwanted diseases or offspring.

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