What to do if you lose your pet in France

It is very distressing to lose your beloved pet but there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure the maximum possibility of their safe return. Please read this guide carefully and take all the advice. It just takes one person to spot your pet for you to be reunited!!
Gather a group of friends and neighbours to carry out a thorough search of your neighbourhood.
Ask people to take a photo of your pet, copies of flyers (see below) nice-smelling treats and leads (in the case of a lost dog). Ask neighbours to check outbuildings and sheds and to listen out for your pet.
Put up posters and lay out flyers in your area and in local shops, offices and restaurants. Ask your neighbours and friends to help with printing and distribution of these. Make sure your contact details are on these as well as the date and time he /she was lost.
If your pet is chipped, contact I-CAD and check that your contact details are up-to-date.
Contact either chien perdu or chats perdu and Pet Alert France – these are excellent resources with websites and Facebook pages listing lost and found pets. Post your lost pet on these and scour the found sections. The Facebook pages are regionalised. Post on more than one if you are on a departmental border.
Inform your local Mairie, vets, SPAs and gendarmes. Provide them with photos of your pet and your contact details.
Inform your postman or postlady – these people do a tour of your neighbourhood every day so ask them to keep a lookout and to spread the word around. Provide them with your flyers (see above).
Check your nearest SPAs for their lost and found animals – go and visit it you can.
Finally, spread the word of your lost pet far and wide using the power of the internet.
If you are using Facebook (if you don’t, find someone who does), ask people to share your post.
Remember, when your animal is found, please update and remove the posts.
Here are some that are local to Association Acorn in south west France. This list is not by any means complete so use your initiative and find groups local to you.
Facebook Groups Search for those near you! Here are some examples.
· Pets Etc Poitou-Charentes
· English Services Dordogne –also has Limousin, Charente, Normandy, Brittany and other regional sites.
· Paws France – nationwide
· Survive France – find your sub-group according to where you are in France.
· French Focus Friends – nationwide
· Angloinfo – regionalised
· Classified Ads France – nationwide
Other Online Groups: Please note, these are just examples! Use Google to find groups near you!
· Dronne Valley Network (English speaking group along the Dronne River Valley, south west France) – please note, they also have a Facebook page.
· South West Charente Network (English speaking group) Email Lesley Mason to join.
· French Entree Go to the forum page. Join the forum and then choose your region.
· Complete France forum join the forum and then choose your region.
· RootstockAds – a free classified advertising site France-wide. Place a free classified in the Pets & Animals section.
· Group 47 – is a forum for people in Lot et Garonne.
· Eymet Guide – for people in and around Eymet.
· Guide2 The World – scroll down this home page to find regionalized Guide 2 sites. Place your ads in the classified sections of the regionalized groups. For example, there are Guide 2 groups for Midi-Pyrenees, Rhone-Alpes and Paris and other groups under construction (Dordogne, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Toulouse).
· Survive France Network – join this group and then their sub groups regarding dogs and cats, and place your advert by creating a new comment.
· English Informer in France – please contact the editor via the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page. There is also a link to their Facebook page.









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